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Donald Trump: The Man The Myth The President

Donald Trump: The Man The Myth The President

“Presidents are selected, not elected.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt (maybe)

No matter what your political views are, it’s always healthy to do your research on the next dude in charge. Whether that’s your boss, your mail man, or just the guy who pumps your gas. This brings us to the President-Elect, Donald Trump. Even before he became the leader of the free world, the guy was a household name. Whether it was on The Apprentice or you paid a visit to the Trump Taj Mahal, the man is everywhere. This is the subject of today’s lesson. A quick overview of 5 facts you may not have been aware of, about our future POTUS, Donald J. Trump:

Bring Your Kids

Bring your kids!!

#1 Origins of ‘The Donald’

The famous moniker for our future prez wasn’t always a staple of his resumé. It was actually bestowed upon him by his former wife and model, Ivana Trump. In a cover story for the magazine Spy (closed shop in 1998) Ivana lovingly referred to her then husband by the nickname ‘The Donald”. The two were divorced in 1992, but the nickname will never leave him.


Trump and Spy had a weird relationship


#2 Trump the Thespian

Donald’s ability to find employment has been all over the map. About the only career he hadn’t pursued was politics; well up until about September of 2015. Twice Trump has been nominated for Emmy Awards (he famously thinks he was snubbed), as well as being a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He has had parts in Home Alone 2, Little Rascals, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Zoolander and something called The Pickle. I’m not going to Google that last one.

Little Rascals, 1994

Little Rascals, 1994

#3 The New Jersey Generals

As I mentioned before, The Donald has had his hand in many businesses, some are less remembered however. In 1982 Mr. Trump had the unique honor of owning a team in the (now defunct) United States Football League. With hopes of success, and possibly a merger with the NFL, Donald created the New Jersey Generals. The league included 18 teams, and hoped to capitalize on a summer football schedule, when the NFL was in it’s off season. Unfortunately the USFL met its demise in 1986, failing to gain any ground on the powerful NFL (and those ’85 bears).

It wouldn’t be a Trump product if it didn’t have a little gold in the logo


#4 A Hip Hop Icon

Now I already know what you are going to say, “But I don’t remember his last mixtape, is that sh!t lit?”. Well, I don’t know what ‘lit’ means, and unfortunately he hasn’t released his first album (yet). But our POTUS-elect has a rich history of being mentioned in over 50 songs, mostly referencing him as a goal of riches and fame. Rapper Mac Miller even released a song entitled Donald Trump” in 2011. After his run in office, I feel the world would be a better place with at least ONE album out of The Donald.

Trump supporters are not a monolith apparently


#5 His Hair

Trump famously rocks a whispy (yet respectable for 70) comb-over hair style, for which he has been universally berated for. Many people have claimed it is a wig, but he adamantly states they are his own follicles. (I doubt anyone would actively CHOOSE a comb-over wig). Donald also has stated that it is actually not a comb-over at all, considering he has religiously combed it back to front his whole life. With so much attention on an elderly mans hairstyle, he was pushed to a point of desperation in a political rally in 2015, stating that he would change his hairstyle if were to be elected President.

Maybe he’s born with it


What you have learned today

  • A Donald Trump mixtape would be ‘lit’
  • Trump hasn’t met a career he didn’t attempt
  • The Donalds first act as president, might be to shave his head

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