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The Career of Alan Thicke: In Memoriam

The Career of Alan Thicke: In Memoriam

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

-Mae West

With the sudden passing of Alan Thicke today (December 13th 2016), we have decided to pay our respects to a television icon and celebrate his life and career. We’ll be covering some of his more notable accomplishments and hope to honor him by educating all of our readers about his extensive and illustrious career and life.

Early Life and Career

A natural born Canadian, he was raised in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. After his mother and biological father were separated, she remarried and that is where Alan adopted the Thicke surname.

His career began in the late 1960s acting as writer for a variety of different shows, more notably, The Paul Lynde Show which lasted one season in 1973. He continued to write and produce, until he eventually switched to the music department.  Composing, he penned some of the more famous themes for shows such as Diff’rent Strokes and with The Facts of Life in the late 1970s.

He also presented as television host on multiple TV specials including the Walt Disney World: Very Merry Christmas Parade, Miss USA Pageant and others.

Acting Career

After having a hand in multiple different facets of television production, he eventually made the transfer to acting. One of his first major roles ended up being Copper Mountain (1983), where he acted along side Jim Carrey in this comedy.

He continued acting in multiple television shows, and movies for the remainder of the 1980s with his most famous role as Jason Seaver coming in 1985.

Growing Pains

Playing Dr. Jason Seaver, he was the father to Chrissy, Carol, Ben, and Mike (famously played by Kirk Cameron). The television show ran for 7 seasons and 167 episodes from 1985-1992, Alan appearing in every episode.

Growing Pains ended up being one of the more famous examples of the ’80s family sitcom shows to debut during the time. The Cosby Show, Who’s the Boss?, and Charles in Charge were also running during the same time period, making the genre a staple of American television.

He went on to guest star in multiple television shows over the course of the rest of his career. The lengthy list includes, Married With Children, 7th Heaven, Yes Dear How I Met Your Mother and the upcoming Fuller House.


Alan was married three times, most recently to former model Tanya Callau, to whom he was married from 2005 until his death. He is survived by his three children Brennan, Robin, and Carter. His son, Robin Thicke, has had a successful R&B career as a singer, songwriter, and producer.


Alan will be known as one of the corner stone actors in the popularization of the modern family sitcom. His career was not only successful, but incredibly diverse. With hundreds of credits ranging from host, composer, writer, producer, and obviously actor, he was nothing short of a jack of all trades.

His career should not singularly be remembered for his more famous roles, but for his diverse and impressive range of skill in the production of television and film.

What you have learned today

  • He was a man of many skills
  • Family sitcoms may have not been the same without his influence
  • Alan Thicke (March 1st 1947-December 13th 2016)

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