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Upvotes: Reddit GoneWild Fame

Upvotes: Reddit GoneWild Fame


“I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there ’s a pair of us—don’t tell! They ’d banish us, you know.”
-Emily Dickinson (maybe)

As the “front page of the internet” Reddit has literally changed the way news, trends, and popular culture is cultivated and created. With endless content and at least 10 million unique visitors a month, it is the gold standard for online communities. And by communities, we literally mean communities. With nearly one million different subsections of the main website, you can find a collective for any obscure topic you could think of.

But we’re not here to talk about r/WoodWorking, we’re hear to talk about porn of course. Gonewild is the pinnacle of NSFW Reddit content, and reaches a whole different community of wood workers. It has taken hold of the website and commands a massive amount of attention.

Of course with so much attention on one community, some users tend to stand out and become the namesake of their respective niche. And luckily we were given the opportunity to speak with one of r/GoneWild’s most prolific users.


As far as Reddit fame goes, she has achieved Hall of Fame status amongst the users in Gonewild, and we aren’t talking about a handful of people. Over 950,000 users have subscribed to the subreddit, with thousands browsing it at any specific point in time.

u/Rapunkkzel (NSFW link obviously) has amassed over 300,000 upvotes in about a year of being an active member of the community, making her one of the top posters of all time in r/GoneWild. Hailing from the Ukraine, she has seemed to strike a cord with the users and drawn a loyal fanbase which routinely see’s her posts gaining massive attention within the subreddit.

So clearly, what would an article about r/GoneWild be without some first hand information:

One of the few safe for work pictures able to be shown in this article
About her first post:

I remember my first day on GoneWild clearly, because someone sent a private message to say “you won’t do well with your posts because there is no sound. Post a video or gtfo. You will never be successful here.”

Clearly whomever sent that message was having a bad day, and also happened to be extremely f*cking wrong. Making the 2nd most popular post her first day, she instantly found popularity and hasn’t slowed down since.

On why she thinks she has become so popular:

I don’t think I stand out for any particular reason…I think my poor English makes me stand out, for good and bad. I don’t really think about “being popular”…which causes me to get some hate mail and comments on my posts. It’s quite funny some days to read, that people go to so much trouble to tell me how much they hate me. I don’t do anything in particular, I was just expressing my kink, which is to be watched.


And if showing off to the world is what you are into, GoneWild is the best place in the world to get it done. Users submit content daily (albeit not necessarily with the same success) showcasing the market for people who want to watch, and those willing to meet those demands willingly.

On her process about posting:

I post whenever it is convenient for me, which is late morning or midday. This is when I’m at work and I can enjoy the thought of people looking at me. I don’t post want people “want” and in fact I constantly tell people, “No I don’t do that” or “I’m not interested in that” or “Other girls do that, go look at them.” I only post things that I am interested in and the things that turn me on…the main reason I post is because it excites me. It’s not for anyone else. It is a selfish thing that motivates me, it’s not to please others.”

With the constant exposure to almost a million people, it doesn’t come without some complication. The mixture between real world, and the world online poses the unique idea of the two becoming intertwined.

On how it affects her daily life:

No one in my day-to-day real life has recognized me purely from Reddit that I know of. Reddit isn’t as popular in my country, as it is in America. However, I do enjoy thinking about it [running into someone who recognizes her] because my kink is to be watched. It’s very exciting. Both my siblings know of me posting on Reddit and are okay with it. It hasn’t affected my daily life much, but it has given me some work opportunities.

With just a single GIF of hers getting over 6 million views, the attention from GoneWild is a perfect marriage of her interests and that of the users who enjoy her content.

On her future with r/GoneWild:

I think I will probably stop soon. It’s only so often that girl like me can post cell phone quality pictures and GIFs of herself before people will get bored. If it becomes clear that people no longer want to watch me, then there isn’t a point to continue posting. I think r/GoneWild will continue to become more and more popular…people like to look at porn which is genuine and authentic…not so manufactured like a lot of professional porn….In a few years I’m sure that no one will remember I existed, but I will always remember GoneWild as a fun and exciting time for me.

I felt guilty not showing what most of you came to see

Aaannddd it’s censored. Sorry guys.

What you have learned today

  • There is a place for everyone on Reddit
  • Porn is popular, like really really popular
  • Sometimes posting dirty pictures is a win/win for everyone

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