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The News, but Less Stupid 12.20.16

The News, but Less Stupid 12.20.16

The News, but Less Stupid

Uber loses $800 million in the third quarter

The private taxi company reported losses of $800 million in the third quarter of 2016. Net revenues hit $1.7 billion, up $600 million from the quarter previous.

Total losses did not include reports from their operations in China, and their total losses for 2016 potentially reach as high as $2.2 billion

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Uber’s Loss Exceeds $800 Million in Third Quarter on $1.7 Billion in Net Revenue (via Bloomberg)

President Obama pardons 78 in single day

On Monday the 19th, President Obama pardoned 78 convicted criminals, and shortened the sentences of 156 others. Many of these crimes were drug related charges dating back to the 90s, mostly marijuana offenses.

He is the first President in nearly two centuries to pardon this many prisoners, and doubled the number he had previously pardoned.

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With 78 Pardons, Obama Is No Longer Least Generous Since 1800s  (via
Obama flexes his pardon power (via Politico)
Obama grants clemency to 231 inmates in one-day record (via

Berlin police uncertain arrested Pakistani was truck driver

After the terrorist attack that took place days ago in a Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany, the police are unsure as to the true identification of the attacker.

After what seemed to be an obvious terror attack, many thought that the suspect had been apprehended at the time of the incident. They are now looking into the possibility that they have taken in the wrong suspect and now entertaining the idea that the true attacker is still unfound.

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Berlin police uncertain arrested Pakistani was truck driver (via Reuters)
Berlin Truck-Attack Driver May Be at Large, Officials Say (via Wall Street Journal)
‘Dangerous criminal’ may still be at large: Berlin police (via

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