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The News, but Less Stupid 12.21.16

The News, but Less Stupid 12.21.16

The News, but Less Stupid

ISIS Claims to be Responsible for Attack in Berlin

In the ongoing investigation into the attack in Berlin, Germany this past week, it seems to be one twist after another. ISIS has publicly claimed responsibility for the incident in a Christmas Market which saw a truck driver run through a crowd, killing 9 and injuring many more.

This comes shortly after the original suspect was released for lack of substantial evidence, and the police reporting that the real culprit is still unaccounted for.

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Berlin Christmas market attack (via
Tunisian suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack faced past German terror probe, official says (via Washington Post)

Fireworks Market in Mexico goes up in Flames

Wednesday morning, 12.21.16, a open air market which is known for its sale of fireworks was set ablaze in the town of Tultepec, Mexico. It set off a chain reaction of explosions from the crowded surplus of fireworks for sale.

At least 29 have died in the explosion, and it apparently was not the first time an accident like this has occurred at a similar market.

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Fireworks tragedy: The ‘magical’ Mexican town where pyrotechnics are life — and too often death (via Washington Post)
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Numerous Russians die after consuming ‘bath lotion’

At least 49 Russians in the  have died after consuming a bath lotion named ‘Boyaryshnik’ in the town of Irkutsk located in Serbia.

Treating the lotion as an inexpensive alternative to alcohol, many locals consumed it in this impoverished town. Unfortunately, this bath product contained methanol which is more commonly found in anti-freeze, which also is extremely toxic.

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In Russia, Dozens Die After Drinking Alcohol Substitute (via NY Times)
More People Have Died in Russia After Drinking Bath Lotion (via

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