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The News, but Less Stupid 12.22.16

The News, but Less Stupid 12.22.16

The News, but Less Stupid

Syrian Regime Reclaims Control of Aleppo

The Syrian regime is reporting today that they have officially taken back control of the city Aleppo, after 5 years of civil war in the area.

During the chaos of the ongoing war, the terrorist group ISIS took control of the city and only just today was announced to be reclaimed by the Syrian Government.

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Syrian regime says it has taken full control of Aleppo (via CNN)
Last rebels and civilians evacuate from Aleppo (via Fox)

Donald Trump Calls for a Stronger Nuclear Program

The president-elect tweeted this morning stating they must “strengthen and expand its nuclear capability”.

After recent political drama regarding Russia, it remains to be seen how this will be viewed once he takes office this January.

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Donald Trump: US must greatly expand nuclear capabilities (via BBC)
Donald Trump tweets on expanding U.S. nuclear capabilities (via CBS)

Anis Amri key suspect in Berlin attack

After a week of ups and downs regarding the terrorist attack that took place in a Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany this past week, they have settled on a primary suspect.

Anis Amri, a 24 year old Tunisian man, had his finger prints found on multiple items from the crime scene, and has been known to multiple counter terrorism organizations across the world.

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Anis Amri, Suspect in the Berlin Truck Attack: What We Know (via NY Times)
High probability Amri is attack perpetrator: minister (via
Berlin attack suspect Anis Amri had been on watchlist since January (via

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