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The News, but Less Stupid 12.27.16

The News, but Less Stupid 12.27.16

The News, but Less Stupid

Singer George Michaels Dies

George Michael, the famed lead singer of Wham! and pop artist died this past weekend on Christmas Day, at the age of 53. 

The music star is said to have passed peacefully in his home in Oxfordshire, England.

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Carrie Fisher, Star Wars Actress Dies

Carrie Fisher, one of the stars of the original Star Wars trilogy has passed away at the age of 60 years old.

The actress is said to have suffered a massive heart attack on a flight last week from London to Los Angeles, and then seeking medical attention shortly there after once the plane was able to land. She had been in intensive care following the incident, and officially passed away the morning of December 27th.

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