Thinking for Thirty: What’s up with North Korea?

“I’m f*cking crazy.”
-Kim Jong-un (probably not)

So, what’s up with North Korea? You may be surprised to learn (as was I) that North Korea, and all it’s crazy antics hasn’t been a long standing occurrence. The country itself is less than 75 years old, and yet it has become one of the worlds biggest nuisances. Even with their apparently low standard of care for their citizens, utterly horrible economy, and batsh*t crazy military tactics, they are still a thorn in the side of many. With that in mind, here are some facts, and 30 seconds dedicated to all those crazy Kim’s.

What’s up with North Korea ?


  • Although he died in 1994, Kim il-sung is still considered “eternal president” of North Korea
  • Only military and government officials may own motor vehicles
  • South Koreas population is double that of North Korea
  • Kim Jong-il was a massive movie fan, with a collection of films in the thousands.
  • The Kippumjo or “pleasure squad” is a collection of thousands of women purely to provide sexual pleasure to high ranking government officials



What you have learned today

  • North Korea
  • Is
  • Crazy

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