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The News, but Less Stupid 12.30.16

The News, but Less Stupid 12.30.16

The News, but Less Stupid

US Implements Sanctions on Russia over Alleged Hacking

35 Russian diplomats have been given 72 hours to leave the country, as well as two Russian compounds being shut down in reaction to the alleged hacking made by the Russian government during the recent presidential election.

We have yet to learn the extent of the Russian involvement in the supposed hacking, but they he Obama administration has seen it fit to impose these sanctions. There has yet to be a formal reaction from the Russian government, and Putin.

Read more:
Russia will not expel anyone in response to U.S. sanctions, Putin says (via Reuters)
Putin says he won’t deport U.S. diplomats as he looks to cultivate relations with Trump (via Washington Post)

19 States to Increase Minimum Wage in New Year

19 states will see a raise in their minimum wage in 2017 with Massachusetts and Washington State receiving the highest wages at $11 per hour.

California and New York also notably receive wage increases, the first step in their plan to eventually reach a minimum wage of $15.

Read more:
Pay to rise for millions as 19 states increase minimum wage (via Fox News)
Minimum Wages Set to Increase in Many States in 2017 (via WSJ)

The Body of Greek Ambassador Found in Burnt Car

The body of Kyriakos Amiridis was found in a charred car in Rio, Brazil by local police yesterday. He was the ambassador to Greece and had been missing since Monday.

They have yet to find an explanation for his death.

Read more:
Body of Greek ambassador Kyriakos Amiridis ‘found in burnt-out car in Brazil’ (via Evening Standard)
Greek Ambassador to Brazil Is Feared Dead, in a Possible Homicide (via NY Times)


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