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The Apple iPod-5 Fast Facts To Make You Less Stupid

The Apple iPod-5 Fast Facts To Make You Less Stupid

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
-Steve Jobs (maybe)

The first iPod was released October 23rd, 2001.


Over 400 million iPods have been sold since its release,

with only 1/4 of the sales coming in the first 7 years.


There have been 25 different variations of the iPod, with the Nano having the most models


The first, and smallest capacity iPod came in at 5 GB of storage.

Only 8 years later, the iPod boasted a potential capacity of 160 GB.


The newest iPod model (6th generation iPod touch) may be its last,

being released in July of 2015

What you have learned today

  • I still don’t know who needs 160 GB of music at once
  • You may need to buy an iPhone from now on to get your iFix of music
  • Pink iPods look cool AF

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