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The News, but Less Stupid 1.2.17

The News, but Less Stupid 1.2.17

The News, but Less Stupid
FOR THE DAY, January 2nd 2017

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack in Turkish Nightclub

An attack on New Years eve in the nightclub Reina, located in Istanbul, Turkey, took the lives of 39 people early Sunday morning and left dozens wounded.

Turkey Nightclub Attack News

In the following days the extremist group ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack , with the primary suspect still at large.

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At Least 60 Killed in Prison Riot in Brazil

Monday saw bloody clash of prison drug gangs, leaving at least 60 dead in the city of Manaus.

The riots began Sunday and were not under control until Monday morning, with an assumed 300 prisoners to have escaped during the chaos.

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Around 60 killed as drug gangs clash in Brazil prison massacre (via Reuters)
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Baghdad Market Bomber Kills at Least 36

In a crowded market in Baghdad Monday, a suicide bomber armed with explosives attacked and left at least three dozen dead. 

This attack on a produce market has been claimed by ISIS, which not only left many dead, but also another 50 people injured.

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At least 36 killed after suicide bomber targets crowded Baghdad market (via Fox News)
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Dozens Dead In Multiple ISIS Bombings Across Baghdad (via NPR)

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