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The News, but Less Stupid 1.3.17

The News, but Less Stupid 1.3.17

FOR THE DAY, January 3rd 2017

Cincinnati Bengal Football Player Adam Jones arrested

Cincinnati Bengal cornerback Adam (formerly ‘Pacman’) Jones was arrested Monday night, on charges of disorderly conduct and assault, both of which are misdemeanors.

Jones has had a lengthy history of controversy and trouble with the law dating back to his professional football debut with the Tennessee Titans, from 2005-2007.

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Video of Nightclub Attack in Turkey Surfaces

A video of the nightclub shooter, who left 39 dead at the popular club Reina in Istanbul, has been found.

The video shows him recording himself eerily walking around popular areas of Istanbul shortly, while staring into the camera. He has yet to be detained for his crimes, even with the release of the video.

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Turkey Nightclub Suspect in Grim Selfie Video in Istanbul (via NY of Times)
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Catholic Priest Accused of Coordinating Orgies in Rectory

An Italian Catholic Priest has been accused of coordinating group orgies in the rectory of his Church. The 48-year-old Father Andrea Contin was also found to have pornographic home videos labeled under the names of the previous Popes.

He is also accused of “pimping” out up to 15 women, of which whom are mostly parishioners in his church, on dating and wife swapping websites.

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