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Why is Steve Jobs Legacy so…weird?

Why is Steve Jobs Legacy so…weird?

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”
-Steve Jobs (maybe)

You may be thinking to yourself, “Self, what do I think about Steve Jobs?” and maybe more specifically “Self, what do I think about Steve Jobs legacy?”.

And seriously, it’s like, a crazy coincidence that you mention it. We just so happen to have a whole bunch of information to share with you about CEO Steve Jobs legacy right here! Let’s talk about the man behind our favorite fruit, and why no one can seem to make up their mind about him.

Steve Jobs Black and White

What’s the drama?

Well instead of explaining it, I’ll let the Internet explain it for you:

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16 Examples Of Steve Jobs Being A Huge Jerk

The Real Reason We Can’t Stop Talking About Steve Jobs

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More reasons to love Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.

Needless to say, the Internet is split. But is it leaning in one direction, and why is it?

The death of Steve Jobs and outcry from his haters

October 5th 2011 Steve Jobs died because of complications from his pancreatic cancer. We here were taught never to speak ill of the dead, but it seems as though the entire world has had the exact opposite approach.

Suddenly, it wasn’t time to review Steve Jobs as the CEO, but time to review Steve Jobs the man. This caused a f*ck ton of drama, not helped one ounce by the release of the book Steve Jobs (biography) post mortem. And by post mortem, we mean only 19 goddamn days after his death. It was, well for lack of a better word, ‘weird’ timing.

Steve Jobs hard cover

The biography, written by Walter Isaacson, is huge and full of accounts of Steve’s life via the people who knew him. With nearly 600 pages of stories about the man, which Steve himself refused to influence or proofread before his death, he naturally received a lot of bad press. The release of the book is the turn key to a change in perception of the tech innovator, and his subsequent criticism which rolled in in the months and years after his death.

I won’t act as judge to all of his supposed moral crimes, but if you want to read the book, pick it up for cheap here.

But I thought Steve Jobs was supposed to be awesome?

THIS is why there is the constant back and forth about Steve Jobs’ legacy. He literally changed the world.

The music industry? iTunes has got that covered, in conjunction with the iPod. Laptop and desktop computing? Yeah, Macs are pretty popular. And let’s not forget the most successful phone brand in the world, the iPhone.

iPhone 6s Colors

It is extremely difficult to go a significant portion of your day without seeing Apple products in your life. Especially if you are one of the millions of people who own an iPhone, and are constantly using the billions of apps downloaded so far.

Yeah, Steve Jobs (and the people with him at Apple) made your life exponentially better with his innovation, assuming you use their products. Which you probably do.

But for that, you should be grateful to him….right?


Disconnecting the backbone of one of the most valuable companies in the world, with the values of that particular person who made it so successful. And trying to lambast a man when your form of public outcry comes from the use of the MacBook Pro you are writing it on is….weird.

Don’t worry what you think about Steve Jobs legacy. Maybe practice that whole ‘not speaking ill of the dead’.

But if you still feel the need to send out some hate, just remember to hide the “Sent from my iPhone” on all your messages.

Sent from iPhone

What you have learned today

  • Its ok to have mixed feelings
  • Steve Jobs changed the world…for better or worse
  • I bet most of you are reading this on an Apple product

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