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The News, but Less Stupid 1.5.17

The News, but Less Stupid 1.5.17

The News, but Less Stupid
FOR THE DAY, January 5th 2017

RAW VIDEO: Video Shows Torture of Disabled Man

A video of what is reported to be a man with mental health issues was streamed with Facebooks live video service, showing him being abused earlier this week.

Specifically with the verbal abuse, are remarks about president-elect Donald Trump yelling, “F*ck Donald Trump…f*ck white people”. Chicago Police are currently pursuing charges.

Read more:
 Chicago police say charges coming after Facebook video shows torture of disabled man (via Washington Post)
 Facebook Live Torture Victim Not Targeted Because of Race or Politics, Chicago Police Believe (via KTLA)

Explosion In Front of Courthouse in TurkeyCourthouse Bombing

Early Thursday, a car bomb was detonated near a courthouse in Îzmir, killing 2 and injuring at least 7.

Among the killed were a police officer, and an employee of the courthouse. They are also reporting the two militant attackers have also been killed.

Read more:
 Two killed in car bomb attack in Turkey’s İzmir (via
Turkey: 2 dead in explosion near courthouse in Izmir (via CNN)

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