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The News, but Less Stupid 1.6.17

The News, but Less Stupid 1.6.17

The News, but Less Stupid
FOR THE DAY, January 6th 2017

Trump Still Pushing for ‘Wall’ and Payment from Mexico

Amid the impending inauguration in a short few days, Donald Trump is not backing down from his plans to build the Mexican border wall.

He tweeted his insistence that after being built, the United States will be ‘paid back’.

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Trump knocks border wall reports, insists Mexico will pay – eventually (via Fox)
Trump says U.S. will be ‘paid back’ for Mexico wall (via USA Today)

London Surpasses Pollution Limit in first 5 Days of the Year

London Air Pollution NewsLaws governing the limits of nitrogen dioxide were surpassed Thursday, on Brixton Road in Lambeth.

This is an ongoing problem, as last year the same limit was broken over 1000 times in other pollution heavy areas of London.

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London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just five days (via The Guardian)
Brixton Road breaches annual air pollution limit in five days


Vice President Biden Tells Trump to ‘Grow up’Trump and Biden News

In an interview Joe Biden commented on Trumps actions stating he needs to  “…grow up”

This comes just days before Donald Trump is sworn into office, later on in the month of January.

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