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NEWS FOCUS: Esteban Santiago Airport Shooter

NEWS FOCUS: Esteban Santiago Airport Shooter

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FOR THE DAY, January 7th 2017

Esteban Santiago Leaves 5 Dead in Airport Shooting
Esteban Santiago Shooter News

Early Thursday afternoon Esteban Santiago , a New Jersey born 26 year old, entered baggage claim in the Ft. Lauderdale airport after what is being reported as his flight from Canada.

The former military veteran proceeded to retrieve his luggage, which included his checked gun that he brought on the flight. It is being reported that he left, proceeded to unpack and load the weapon, and then indiscriminately opened fire into the crowd of travelers in the baggage claim area.

Aftermath included 5 dead, and 13 injured. Esteban Santiago is said to have surrendered without incident, as well as without injury. Early reports are that he is being cooperative in the questioning regarding the incident.

Soon after the entire Ft. Lauderdale airport was completely locked down with passengers scattered across runways, tarmacs, and airport hangers. Erroneous reports of further shootings in parking garages caused much confusion, as SWAT and other police officials try to secure the sprawling airport.

Recently residing in Alaska, working as a security professional, Esteban Santiago is said to have struggled with mental health issues after his return from active service in the military.

Motive is unknown at the moment, as well as many other crucial details into this heinous act. Airports from Los Angeles to New York increased security personnel, and were on a heightened sense of alertness as is normal in any situation similar to this.

With Esteban Santiago being reportedly willing to cooperate, much more information should be released on the details of the motive behind this seemingly random attack.

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