What’s up with 4K TVs?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

What’s up with 4K TVs?

The holiday season has just passed, and all of the fancy new tech and toys have been released (and made much cheaper). And you have just realized that HD TVs are passè, and you are looking into making a step into the future. So what’s up with 4K TVs?

Well you’re sh*t out of luck and apparently too far behind, because people are already talking about 8K. No seriously, they are already making these things.

And for the uninitiated, this graph below shows how ridiculous the resolution game has become:

What's Up with 4K? TV Resolution Graph

Lines high vs lines across

Now before you start worrying, the reality of 8K is a far way into the future. Ya know, with the price tag being $55K for a “cheap” one.

Whats the deal with 4k TVs? 8K TV

So why even bother?!?!

Well, fortunately resolution isn’t the only thing going for televisions nowadays. There are other factors that can make your TV viewing experience better than others. Refresh rate, viewing angle, screen size, dynamic range and others play a big factor into making your TV look as great as possible.

Read this article for a deeper explanation as to how all of those things work, because I won’t do all the tech talk any justice.

Should I buy a TV or not?

Yes. Also, no.

It very much depends on your lifestyle, and how you depend on enjoying all of those lines of resolution. If you play video games, the Playstation Pro and XBOX One S both support 4K gaming.

Also, with some built in apps in the televisions, gaming consoles, Chromecast and Roku Devices,  you can enjoy certain 4K shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube.

But if you are a black box cable watcher, you may not see any benefit. Direct TV currently boasts ONE channel with ONE baseball game a week in 4K, as well as some 4K on demand programming. Via their website:

Whats up with 4k TVs? Direct TV 4K

We’ll laugh at this in the near future

But with a significant price drop in 4K televisions, especially from brands like Vizio, it’s hard to turn down $400 for a 50″ 4K TV.

Walmart doesn’t lie about their low prices

So what’s up with 4K TVs? F*ck if we know. We watch everything from our computers.

What you have learned today

  • No one has enough money, or time, to keep up with technology

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