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News FOCUS: Trump References Nazi Germany

News FOCUS: Trump References Nazi Germany

January 11th 2017

Trump Twitter Rampage References Nazi Germany

In a string of tweets starting last night (1.10.17), president elect Donald Trump was clearly outraged over the latest Russian allegations, likening the unverified reports to ‘ Nazi Germany’ .

The online publication Buzzfeed released a document, which has yet to be verified by any media outlet or government body, stating Trumps alleged dealings with Russia. This was strongly refuted in a string of tweets from the president elect, in which he again referenced his distrust in the media.

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Buzzfeed has come out to say that it stands behind the choice of releasing the document, but could be a huge blow to the credibility of the reporters and politicians who are standing behind its legitimacy without empirical evidence.

We will see in the days to come whether the dossier that is making its rounds on the Internet, as well as Washington, prove to hold water.

His latest Twitter burst of anger comes only a few short days of his inauguration date on January 20th, which sees much protest from planned performers for the event. Currently the The Rockettes, a New York staple, are planned to perform with others.

With so much outcry from politicians, celebrities, and pundits, it proves to be one of the most dramatic and controversial transitions of power in United States history.

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