Why the Fitness Industry Isn’t Working

“Anger as soon as fed is dead-
‘Tis starving makes it fat. ”
    -Emily Dickinson (maybe)

The Fitness Industry Isn’t Working

The above statement is both true and untrue in different facets.

The fitness industry is making money. A lot of money. With sales reaching $80 billionjust for club memberships alone in 2015. That doesn’t include the countless fitness trends in fashion pushed by social media celebrities,  fitness blogs, and straight up b*llshit weight loss products and pyramid schemes.

Herbalife can f*ck off
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So? It’s making money. People need to spend their money anyway, right?

Well unfortunately all those products aren’t working. Obesity numbers have increased year-over-year steadily, with states like Louisiana reaching over A THIRD, of their adult population being obese.

Thats not a typo; 36% of people in Louisiana are obese. And if you aren’t familiar with why that is absolutely horrifying, please read what Stanford University has to say about the effects of obesity on the human body.

In summation, you die.

The Feeling of Accomplishment

A excerpt from the book Why We Shop can help us here:

Whether we are talking about the most fashionable, high-end boutique, or the everyday grocery store, shoppers are constantly engaging in spontaneous, self-indulgent buying….Buying something gives shoppers a sense of accomplishment.

Fitness Industry Isn't Working Sale Image


Have you ever organized all your papers, deleted all those stupid files from your computer, and cleaned off your desk for 2 hours before doing 30 minutes of actual work?

It’s the same concept. The accomplishment of one activity fulfills the need for that feeling, instead of feeling accomplished from the more important task. Buying the workout clothes, signing up for the gym membership, purchasing all the grocery items for your new “diet” feels just as good as actually working out or eating healthy.

Although gym membership sales are through the roof, it seems as though no one is going, with over 40% of people dropping out after 6 months. The action of purchasing the year long subscription to Planet Fitness, feels just as good as actually going.

In summation, we are trying to “buy” health. It’s not working.

Terrible Weight Loss Products

This is one of the worst culprits in the weight loss industry, and it’s one that most aren’t even aware of.

Vitamin Water Bottle 20 oz:

Fitness Industry Isn't Working Bottle of Vitamin Water

120 Calories

32 Grams of Sugar

33 Grams of Carbohydrates

0 Grams of Protein

Coca-Cola Can 12 oz :

Fitness Industry Isn't Working Can of Coke

140 Calories

39 Grams of Sugar

39 Grams of Carbohydrates

0 Grams of Protein

They are both, essentially, one serving of each product. Sure, the Vitamin Water is healthier per ounce, but are you thinking about calories per ounce when you are grabbing a drink from the gas station? No, you aren’t.

You are looking at the bottle and thinking “Oh damn, Vitamins sound healthy right? Let’s get that.”

Toss nutritional ignorance along with products that are straight up unhealthy, like Nutellawhich is basically just a chocolate spread that people think is ‘okay’ to eat at breakfast, and you have a world full of obesity where no one knows exactly why.

Fitness is Hard

Fitness Industry Isn't Working Happy Workout

No one is this happy in the gym

You know what no one tells you when you sign up at Gold’s Gym? Those guys on the posters in the gym took a long f*cking time to get to that level of physical fitness.

And unfortunately, most of them are taking exogenous drugs to get there.

The common consensus is that you can naturally put on about 0.5 pounds of muscle a week. And on the flip side, you can safely lose about 2 pounds of fat a week while in a caloric deficit. 

Unless you are extremely new to the gym, you have to choose one or the other.

More Calories=Muscle Gain

Less Calories=Fat Loss

So that 6 month window where 40% give up? Yeah, you aren’t going to change your life in that amount of time.


What can we do?


Seriously, it’s that simple. Here are some more actionable things a person can do to stave off an early death:

  1. If someone is trying to sell you a product, take what they are saying with the worlds biggest grain of salt. They don’t even need to be reviewed or approved to even work. Straight from the FDA’s website.
  2. No food in the world is going to actively “burn” fat, if it contains calories (health.com? seriously?).
    • Eating=Calories=More Fat
    • Not Eating=Less Calories=Less Fat
  3. Starvation mode doesn’t exist (for the most part)
  4. You will never look like a bodybuilder, sorry. (unless you start…taking…other “supplements”)
  5. Eating gluten is FINE, unless you have Celiacs Disease. (I can’t believe we almost went this whole article without mentioning gluten!)
No one knows what the perfect diet is, but before you decide to listen to someone else
(including us), do a little research and protect yourself from all the bulls*t.
There is a lot of it out there.


What you have learned today

  • Calories in vs Calories Out…Google it.
  • Just because being fit is hard, that doesn’t mean it can’t be simple

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