News FOCUS: The Trump Dossier (With Download)

January 12th 2017

The Trump Dossier

The Trump Dossier Trump and Putin

Trump Left, Putin Right

After the release of an unverified “Dossier” from Buzzfeed news on Tuesday, it has lit the world on fire with allegations of further Russian ties to the future president of the United States. The only problem is the veracity of the document, and the journalistic integrity of releasing something so damning only a short week before his inauguration.

Politics in the past year has been something more akin to House of Cards, than reality. Hacking, accusations of crimes with both potential candidates, exorbitant mudslinging, prior infidelities, and now political influence and election manipulation from the United States greatest adversary; Russia. The only thing from the show we haven’t seen, luckily, is murder. Yet.

The most recent development is what seems to be damning evidence of Trump’s ties to Russia, with the release of a completely unverified “dossier”. Spawning a ruthless press conference from president elect Trump on Wednesday, where he lambasts the media naming CNN and Buzzfeed as “fake” news.

Trump and the media have been at odds ever since his decision to run in late 2015. His constant preaching of mistrust from media outlets, and their dishonesty has won him no favor in their eyes. The typical bias shown from both sides in a normal election cycle had, essentially, disappeared. It was The World vs Trump, and in what seems to be a constant trend, Trump came out victorious.

The dossier, containing 35 pages of photos of what is titled “Confidential/Sensitive Source: Company Intelligence Report”, lists out all of the damning accusations.

The summary is hard to ignore, with the first line reading:

Russian Regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance

What follows is pages of poorly worded, and often misspelled accusations of Russian involvement, with the culmination of their goals to be the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

You can read and download the full document here:

Click Here to Reveal

35 page Trump Dossier

With extraordinary claims, should come extraordinary evidence when accusing the soon to be President of the United States. And in this situation, that thought process was completely ignored. Released, and with now nearly 4.5 million views on Buzzfeed’s website, it has overtaken the pre-inauguration time window for Trump, with out any validating evidence or sense of legitimacy.

We have seen similar situations to unverified reports previously, with the release of John Poedesta’s e-mails, which among other things added some truth to media bias for Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Famously, former DNC chair and CNN contributor Donna Brazile had seemingly given the Clinton campaign questions prior to primary debates.

These were released by Wikileaks, which claims to have a  long standing history of accuracy regarding their release of documents (albeit sometimes illegally obtained, sensitive information).

Posted in Response to Buzzfeeds Document Release

The war between the media and President-Elect (soon to be President) Donald Trump is far from over. Knowing whether these reports hold water, or if it is just shoddy reporting, will be revealed once the veracity of the document can be vetted.

Until then, they will seemingly be ignored. Or at least they should be ignored.

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