Melania Trump-Smokin’ Hot First Lady

“A smart model is a good model.”
-Naomi Campbell (maybe)


Melania Trump – Smokin’ Hot First Lady

It seems fitting that with one of the most turbulent election cycles in recent political history, the soon to be First Lady of the White House also broke some barriers of her own. Although technically not the first, the Slovenian born ‘Melanija Knavs’, becomes the second non-American born First Lady to grace the White House. She was beat to the honor of being first, by the wife of John Quincy Adams; Louisa Adams, born in England in 1775.

Unfortunately for the intrigue involving Louisa Adams, there is a big difference between Slovenia and England. One of those differences being most of you could only point to one of those countries on a map.

Also, Melania was a f*cking super model. But let’s start with the foreign-born aspect first, and talk about her history a little.

Hint: It’s close to Italy

Before The Donald

She was born in 1970 in the town of Novo Mesto , which boasts a population of about 20,000 people, to her parents Amalija and Viktor. Of which Viktor worked as a dealer for cars and motorcycles. During her formative years, she and her sister bounced around to a couple different homes, but overall, lived a completely normal Slovenian childs life. Well except for the whole “modeling career” thing.

Now we aren’t sure that Melania is the only First Lady who has also worked as a paid model, but we can be fairly certain that Mary Todd Lincoln wasn’t getting calls from Sports Illustrated for their swimsuit edition. However, Melania was.

The flower hair piece may be a bit much

Starting her modeling career at the young age of 5, she found work doing commercials at the age of 16, and eventually landed a modeling contract by the age of 18 with an agency in Milan, Italy. Although attending the University of Ljubljana of Design and Photography for a year, she later dropped out and pursued her modeling career full time, which bounced her around Europe, including Milan and Paris. With her being a world traveled professional of sorts, it is no wonder that she states she can apparently speak 5 different languages, once saying in an interview with People Magazine, “I’m not only a beauty, I’m smart”.

Good for United Nations dinner parties I suppose.

Now for historical purposes we will include a more then generous gallery of Mrs. Trump in her modeling heyday. Ya know, to celebrate her career and stuff.

After The Donald

Meeting at a Fashion Week party in 1998 (we wouldn’t expect anything less from Donald), they initially hit it off while Donald was not only still married to his previous wife, Marla Staples (however recently separated), but also with another date at the event.

With Melania initially reluctant, love couldn’t keep these two kids apart, and they eventually were engaged in 2004. They were married in January of the following year, at Trump’s famous Mar-a-Lago estate, ironically being attended by both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Melania wore, no joke, a $200,000 dress. 

It’s a nice dress, but is it $200,000 nice?

In 2005, Donald made it super official, and proceeded to put a kid in Mrs. Trump, with her giving birth to Barron William Trump in March of 2006. Mr. Trump at the age of 59, while Mrs. Trump was only 35.

Becoming the First Lady

Admittedly, Melania hasn’t been the most outspoken of running partners for The Donald, especially after the whole stolen speech thing, she has been seemingly consistent with her support of her husband. And to her credit, it hasn’t necessarily been an enjoyable experience after the release of the “P*ssy Gate” footage.

But she has stood strong, and plans to focus on tackling the problem of online bullying as First Lady. She’ll be succeeding the soon to be former First Lady Michelle Obama’s exercise agenda, which she definitely took to heart with the gun-show she is constantly putting on.

Who said they were anti-second amendment rights?

The Future

We’ll have to hold out and see what’s in store for the billionaire from Queens, and the model from Slovenia. But if the past is any indication, no matter what happens, good or bad, it definitely will not be boring.

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