News FOCUS: Trump and NATO Troubles

January 16th 2017


Trump and NATO Troubles


President Elect Donald Trump stirs up more drama over the weekend with an interview coming out of the Times of London this past weekend, where he states his opinions on NATO, and how their interests aren’t in favor of the United States.

Repeatedly throughout the election cycle, as well as post nomination, Trump has been outspoken yet inconsistent about the issues concerning NATO. Calling them “obsolete” in his most recent interview with the Times of London, it has spurred a reply from the European leaders today forewarning future steps for the international alliance. Trump went on to contend that the group has been heavily favoring German initiatives, and the United States’ future is uncertain with NATO with its current standard of practices.

With transitions of power also coming in European nations this year with upcoming elections, they are looking to solidify a strong and unified body of nations, with our without, the United States.

Angela Merkel stated “We have our destiny in our own hands,” but pledged to work with the US and its new president when possible. This will be a complete shake up of, what has been, a long standing relationship on war, trade,  and policy between the United States and the participating European nations.

Trump receives his inauguration this Friday afternoon, which is seeing protest from both politicians and citizens alike. The day after Trump takes office, the Women’s March on Washington is to take place, and contends to be one of the largest protests of its type in history. This comes in response to the election of Donald Trump, and what proves to be a tumultuous history on his public statements about women. After leaked footage and a rehashing of old interviews, Trump has made no fans amongst the feminist movement in America.

More will progress and develop as the week moves on, and we get closer to the transfer of power to the 45th president of the United States this Friday.




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