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News FOCUS: Executive Order Causes Protests

News FOCUS: Executive Order Causes Protests

January 30th, 2017


Immigration Executive Order Causes Protests


After an executive order signed by President Donald Trump this past Friday afternoon, protests from thousands of people erupted at airports across the country. The executive order implements a stay of travel between 7 middle eastern countries and the United States, giving the opportunity to implement more strenuous vetting for potential security threats.

So far 109 people were detained for further questioning, all of whom were then released later that day or the next. Many opposed to this action see this as a “muslim ban”, and are interpreting one of the presidents latest executive orders as a violation of human rights. Also seeing counteraction from the ACLU, seeing many lawyers volunteer their time in defense of those who were being held in limbo.

The blowback not only came from citizens, but politicians alike. In tears, Senator Chuck Schumer claimed this order was “mean spirited and un-american”. President Trump criticized his literal outcry, claiming they were “fake tears”. Going on to say with his familiarity with the Senator, that he didn’t “know him to be a cryer.”

As his second week as acting President continues, Trump’s executive orders are being signed fast and furiously. Although many of these orders were points on which he campaigned, it has caught his opposers off guard as to his expediency and reality of their implementation.

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