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News FOCUS: Trump Fires Attorney General

News FOCUS: Trump Fires Attorney General

January 30th, 2017


Trump Fires Attorney General Sally Yates

Late Monday night, President Donald Trump relieved Sally Yates of her duties as acting Attorney General of the United Sates after a clash of opinion, believing that she intended to undermine President Trump’s recent change in policy.

This comes shortly after her plan to not defend the executive order sent out by the White House, changing immigration policy and the traveling between the United States and 7 blacklisted countries.

Yates becomes the first government official to be fired by the newly appointed administration, although it seems as though she knew her time was limited as acting Attorney General after her decision to not support Trumps executive order.

Dana Boente, a US Attorney for the eastern district of VA, will be placed as an interim Attorney General. This comes as Jeff Sessions awaits approval for his official position as AG.

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